Moooi × Marcel Wanders Studio

BFF Sofa Modules

$1,327 - $7,896


Marcel Wanders’ aptly named modular sofa proves its amiable nature with varied upholstered components for combining at will to suit any space. BFF’s award-winning mix of outstanding quality and soft yet firmly resilient cushioning seems an express invitation to enduring comfort. The sofa modules, chaise and ottoman come in a vast array of upholstery options with the designer’s signature large-scale quilting, a play on classic chesterfield seating.



  • Chaise Lounge CL01 + CL02: 27.2" h x 39" w x 65" d (69x99x165cm)
  • Double Element DE09: 27.2" h x 39" w x 52" d (69x99x132cm)
  • Double Element Dormeuse DE07 + DE08: 27.2" h x 39" w x 52" d (69x99x132cm)
  • Double Element Single Corner DE05: 27.2" h x 39" w x 65" d  (69x99x165cm)
  • Footstool: 14.2" h x 26" w x 26" d (36x66x66cm)
  • Seat height: 14.2" (36cm)


Wood, foam, steel


  • Category I: Denim, Macchedil Grezzo, Macchedil Sottile
  • Category II: Abbracci, Oray Ray, Oray Ronan, Solis
  • Category III: Boucle, Justo, Liscio, Merit, Remix 3, Vesper, Jacquard Fresco, Jacquard Andaz, Jacquard Old Black/Blue
  • Category IV: Canvas 2, Divina 3, Divina Melange 3, Divina MD, Fiord 2, Tonica 2, Steel Cut 2, Steel Cut Trio 3
  • Category V: EA, Bearded Leopard Jacquard, EA, Blushing Sloth Woolly Mohair, EA, Blushing Sloth Melange Mohair, EA, Calligraphy Bird Jacquard, EA, The Silent Bison Velvet, EA, Dodo Pavone Jacquard, EA, The Menagerie of Extinct Animals Velvet, EA, Rendezvous Tokyo Blue Velvet
  • Leather Category I: Ultra
  • Leather Category II: Savanne, spectrum
  • Leather Category III: EA, Dwarf Rhino Crackle, EA, Dwarf Rhino Buffed, EA, Armoured Boar Crackle
  • COM and COL available on request



It rhymes with “boy,” and a child’s wonder and uninhibited creative impulse is at the heart of this Amsterdam design house co-founded in 2001 by Netherlands design star Marcel Wanders. Then as now, Moooi’s aim is to crack conventions of modern design, providing a platform for the most experimental creatives around the world, including Studio Job, Bertjan Pot, Front and Neri&Hu, as well as creative director Wanders himself.

Some of Moooi’s beautifully eccentric pieces like the charred-wood Smoke Chair; the nearly life-size Horse Lamp; and Iconic Eyes, a dazzling hanging light made of BMW headlights, have become design icons. “We are not the kind of company that decides to produce a commercial chair and then contacts the right designer,” says Robin Bevers, who took the reins as CEO in 2015, after co-founder and Dutch design entrepreneur Casper Vissers stepped away. “It’s rather the other way round: they contact us.” From hotels to homes, the flights of fancy in furnishings, wallcoverings, rugs, lighting and décor from Moooi continue to marvel.

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