Normann Copenhagen × Rikke Hagen

Whiskey Tumblers Set of 2


SKU: NOR-120910

Average lead time: 6-8 weeks


For Normann Copenhagen designer Rikke Hagen, inspiration for these spirit glasses stems from collecting stones on the beach. "The act of playing with stones in one's hand in a meditative movement provides a natural grasp for the glass, and the little bubble elegantly elevates the ice cubes like little ice blocks." We couldn't agree more. A great gift to enjoy with a fellow aficionado of whiskey, vodka or other spirit. 

May we suggest: pair this set with the soapstone chilling cubes by Andrew Hellman for Teraforma, also on this site.



3.2" h x 2.8" dia (8x7cm)





Normann Copenhagen

“When Jan and I look at new designs for Normann Copenhagen, we take a very intuitive approach to the products,” according to cofounder Poul Madsen. “A picture can say much more than words and if we are both struck by what we see, we are interested.” Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen teamed up to create the Normann Copenhagen with a vision to shake up the contemporary design field. Now known the world over, they collaborate with new names and established talents from their native Denmark as well as internationally.

The company puts a premium on challenging conventional thinking in collections of tabletop products, lighting and furniture—with bold design strokes, innovative materials and a deft enjoyment of color. “We like products that have an original idea and a simple design, although we do not tie ourselves to a particular line,” Poul adds. “For us, the important thing is that the projects we get involved in bring something new into the world of design.”

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