Skagerak × Aurélien Barbry

Plank Bench


SKU: SKAG-1350600

Average lead time: 10-12 weeks


French-born but based in Copenhagen, designer Aurélien Barbry crafts a simple but ingenious outdoor bench for Skagerak in FSC-certified teak. Along the top of the backrest, a horizontal ledge makes a convenient place for placing a cocktail, a small flowerpot or a mini-lantern at night. And the charming simplicity of the plank motif makes for a cozy but contemporary look. 



  • 30.3" h x 56.7" w x 27.6" d (77x144x70cm)
  • Seat height: 17.7" (45cm)




Manufactured according to highest standards for social and environmental considerations according to B Corp Certification + Amfori’s Business Social Compliance Initiative requirements.

About 71% of wood in total production is FSC-Certified




“It's important that each of us think of sustainability in our everyday lives,” says Vibeke Panduro, who along with husband Jesper founded Danish brand Skagerak in 1976. “Invest in furniture that you absolutely love and eventually can pass on to the next generation.” She’s her own best example, recently furnishing a home with pieces some of which were 50 years old and juxtaposed with a new dining table from one of the company’s designers, Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm. Sustainability runs deep in the veins of the family-owned company, along with a timeless aesthetic rooted in the Scandinavian heritage and skilled craftmanship.

The offerings include a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, beautifully pared-down lighting and a number of natural wood décor and kitchen accessories, all produced from responsibly sourced timber and as an ethically conscious B Corp. Skagerak’s name is inspired by the strait connecting Denmark with Sweden and Norway, also called Skagerrak (with two Rs). “We like to think of ourselves as similar to the strait: forever the same—unchangeable—yet always on the move and presented in new ways,” Vibeke says. “Constantly mixing state-of-the-art ideas and methods with longstanding knowhow and virtues deeply embedded in the Nordic culture.”

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