Color Me 2020

No need to wait a minute longer until you're blue in the face, as the Pantone Color Institute announced its 2020 Color of the Year, and it’s the antidote to all the anxiety and unease plaguing us: the “comforting,” “honest” and apparently “relatable”…

Of this deep cyanic standard, Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, says it’s about "living in this time now where things seem to be, around the world, a little bit, I don’t want to use the word unstable, but let’s just say a little shaky. Nothing is absolutely certain from one moment to the next.”

Next year’s blue is not the deep blue sky Cerulean that Pantone chose in 2000, the year it inaugurated the annual color code. Nor is it the Aqua Sky of 2003, the Blue Turquoise of 2005, the Blue Iris of 2008, nor Serenity in 2016. Classic Blue, according to the institute, is “nonaggressive,” dependable.“ It "provides a refuge.”

There is comfort in knowing that many prescient designers in the A+R stable already saw their renderings in classic blue, perhaps influencing the Pantone selection committee’s choice?

Setago Table Lamp JH27 by &Tradition

Fat Bar Stool by Tom Dixon

Studio Storage by Very Good & Proper

Park Chair by Bensen

Francis Mirror by Petite Friture

Full Circle Vision Globe by Atmosphere

Panorama Chair by Karimoku New Standard