Halo Sky: Sunset Red
Halo Sky: Sunset Red
Halo Sky: Sunset Red

Halo Edition × Mandalaki

Halo Sky



An adjustable black metal rod  suspends the articulated projection unit in Halo Sky, the series’ pendant light that spreads its wondrous glow on a lateral wall. Milan design studio Mandalaki developed breakthrough optics to achieve a purity of hue that comes from white light refracted through a prism, not a colored LED. For architectural projects or site-specific installations, the stem length is fully customizable. Sky is available in a choice of 2 color models, warm desert Sunset Red or cool galactic-inspired Deep Blue.  



  • Stem Length:
    • 11.8" (30cm)
    • 35.4" (90cm)
  • Canopy: 5.9" (15cm)


Aluminium, brass, iron, glass


  • Contact us for UL details
  • LED integrated


  • Made in Italy
  • Light is Fullly 110V compatable


Halo Edition

Calling it “a visual meditation,” Italy’s Halo Edition is changing the very definition of lighting with room-size swaths of startlingly colored brilliance. An offshoot of Milan’s Mandalaki, a product and consulting design studio founded in 2012, the company devised the optics to unleash stunning wall projections not from colored lights but with infinite hues made possible by altering the frequencies of white light to produce a visual palette. Halo’s sophisticated lenses also control any blurring of the precise effect according to the angle of refraction.

Engineered with a solid-iron base and slender stand, the color projector is made of anodized aluminum carved from a solid plate, which integrates a high-power LED and the advanced optical features. "Using traditional Milanese artisanal processes and locally sourced materials, we designed a light that is an art object," the designers say. The aim of the collection, which includes compact table lamps, floor lights and ceiling fixtures, they add, is nothing less than “creating worlds of nuance in which people can dive in.”



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