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Tubby Tube Stool: Upholstered



Adding a customizable option, Please Wait to be Seated offers its sleek industrial-style stool with an upholstered seat in prime fabric or leather. With the steel tubing structure finished an inky black, British designer Faye Toogood’s versatile seating offers a decidedly comfortable contoured seat. Clad in the covering of choice, Tubby Tube is readily at hand whenever an extra perch is needed.  



18.9" h x 13.4" w x 15.7" d (48x34x40cm)


Powder-coated steel


Upholstery Group:

  • Group 1: Xtreme
  • Group 2: Fame, Remix 3, Re-Wool
  • Group 3: Divina 3, Steelcut Trio 3, Hallingdal 65
  • Group 4: Ultra leather
  • Group 5: Spectrum, Savanne, Dunes
  • COM and COL available on request


Please Wait to be Seated

Please Wait to be Seated creative director Thomas Ibsen went from taking pictures of rooms to producing the Danish brand’s often bold and imaginative furniture to filling them. Thomas shifted from a career in fashion to interiors for London’s Wallpaper magazine, as well as design houses Gubi, Hay and Muuto. In 2014, he started PWTBS, launching the brand's collection from a consortium of designers the next year. Longtime design industry executive and board member Peter Mahler Sørensen joined the company as CEO and co-owner in 2016, and Thomas continues his focus on product development.

With an eye to creating a new generation of modernist classics that defy easy characterization, the brand’s very name reflects a blend of politesse and practicalness along with startling originality and a sense of humor. Often exhibiting a graphic silhouette grounded in Thomas’ photographic experience, the collection ranges from the spare luxury of Portuguese designer Rui Pereira and Japan's designer Ryosuke Fukusada’s Anza seating, to the showstopper Keystone lounger from Dutch designers Os & Oos and the Zen-infllected metal tray table from young Danish designer Laura Bilde. At the heart of each new fantastical product lies the question of sustainability and durability that also guides Thomas: Will this design, in its entirety, become a long-lasting object we someday can pass on to our children? We say, yes.

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